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nuts and bolts

  1. jnanian
    in some places the coffee, vit c and washing soda may be hard to find

    if these items are not readily available in your area, or called something different
    post here so we have a list.

    i am in the northeast united states
    instant coffee is readily available, i use "stop and shop" generic brand " medium roast"
    vitamin c is not available at all grocery stores, i get it at "whole foods market" as well as "trader joe's"
    ( trader joe's is less expensive by more than 1/3 )
    washing soda i get at the local grocery store. people here use it as a water softener. it is arm and hammer.

    these items were not easily found in france the last time i went.
    washing soda ( sodium carbonate ) and vitamin c were both purchased at a pharmacy.
    the sodium carbonate was sold to me in a kilo container, the vit c in a 1/2 kilo container.
    it was not inexpensive by any means.
  2. jpreston
    Potassium Bromide is my problem. The local pharmacy said I needed a prescription...
  3. Oxleyroad
    Here in Oz (Australia) supermarkets sell washing soda under a couple of brands. In the last month it was about $3/kg. Instant coffee available anywhere. Vitamin C bit more tricky I found. Chemists and supermarkets not much use, those extreme body building chemical stores do have vitamin C but real expensive. I have been purchasing off local eBay source from a chemical supplier to the equine industry for $15/kg. Potassium Bromide from 'Vanbar' here in Melbourne and Sydney. Don't remember the cost but not expensive for a kg.
  4. Iantoz
    Hi Oxleyroad, I have just reread your post re Potassium Bromide, I have found a post that says 12 g/ltr of iodised salt will do the same job, the salt I plan to use will not be the iodised sea salt I put on my food, but the plain salt.
    I plan to try that on my next film.

    I live in Oz (Wollongong) and have found similar difficulties in obtaining pure ingredients for developing. The vit C I also buy on the web, washing soda from woollies and the cheap coffee from Aldis.
    There is also an interesting post on paper.

    Regards Iantoz.
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