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  1. TheFlyingCamera
    Who collects stereoviews? Any favorite subjects? I've so far dabbled in the occasional odd stereoview of whatever tickles my fancy (European Grand Tour sites, Asian scenes, Washington DC images, etc), but I've got one series I'm trying to complete - I only have two so far but there's only 24 in the set, so it shouldn't be too bad. They're photos of the Lehigh Valley Railroad in and around Mauch Chunk, PA (aka Jim Thorpe, PA). I don't have a firm date on the series but I'm guessing they're from the 1860s/70s at the latest, in part because one of the buildings I've got a photo of (the train station for Mauch Chunk) seems to have been replaced by the early 1880s.
  2. Neanderman
    I do collect these. I mostly buy landscapes, but also like bridges and images with railroads in them. And anything related to Ireland.

    Those Lehigh Valley cards -- are those Rau photos?

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