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Figure work. Color or Black & White?

  1. Robert Brummitt
    Hi there.
    I was looking at some figure work in books I have, on the web and in museum pieces. There are a lot of wonderful paintings on the subject and some books as well. But, I noticed that most photographers who do figure work make monochrome prints. Why do you think?

    Is it because it was easier to do in your home darkroom verses color you may have to take your negs to a commercial lab? Or is it because B&W can easily hide blemishes and other skin markings, in color that would be hard to do. I know I had to try it. Can light choices be a factor? I know that B&W is blind to color temperature while color film is not. I remember doing portraits of some cousins in my early days and being shocked to get that red warm glow. My Aunt and Uncle loved it. They thought I was doing a Van Dyke brown mood. :-)

    Anyways, I would like your thoughts. I'm thinking of trying may hand at color figure work and seeing what I get.

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