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Old (wise) guys needed 1950's Agfa negative ultra-K

  1. StoneNYC
    So I ended up with some AGFA Negative Ultra-K 40 ASA 120 film.

    I've already shot one roll and I want to develop it, but it expired in the 1950's.

    When I opened the roll I smelled it, didn't seem to have any strong vinegar smell (as after doing some research this was the sign it had gone bad.

    Anyway, I still would like to process it but all the chemicals and directions aren't really made anymore, I can't find info on substitutes.

    There seems to be a lot of Agfa Negative versions from that time frame and this one was not made for very long, there are a few ultra's and a few K variants as far as I can tell. This is Ultra-K.

    I'm on my iPhone now so I'll try and use this app to upload some pictures, not sure if it will work.

    Thanks in advance for any knowledge.

  2. StoneNYC
    Sorry "Agfacolor Negative Ultra-K 40 ASA" my mistake I forgot the Agfacolor, but I know it's different than normal color or c-41 and I do have an lid developing tank that will allow for a second exposure if that's part of the process, anyway any advice would be appreciated.
  3. pentaxpete
    In 1968 I used to process the older Agfa films, but they changed to the C41 for negative many years ago - the SLIDE films were changed to the E6 process -- all the older chemiclas were discontinued -- you do NOT re-expose the fillm if it is a NEGATIVE film of course.
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