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Problem with color prints

  1. Waldi
    I got old darkroom equipment and it came with color Fuji film (not sure how old it is but most likely at least 10 years0. So far I ventured into b&W prints with a lot of success (did it before in the past) so decided to try my luck with color (never done before) and my medium film. Purchased Tetanol c-41 kit and had a run with printing and my prints came a bit brownish with pinkish edge of the paper. I wonder if this is due to "old paper" or perhaps poor workflow (sticking to c-41 process workflow standard). I ready to give up on color printing but if this was due to paper being old I would try to get new color paper to try it again, so I am looking to confirm if brown outcome (pretty consistent) is related to outdated chemical and not my lack of experience. Hope someone with have some info on that. Thanks
  2. pentaxpete
    Have I read correctly-- you are using Tetenal C41 kit for your prints ? if so, that is wrong -- you should be using RA4 chemicals for PRINTS and C41 to develop the FILM .
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