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U/V Filters No Longer Needed (?)

  1. 18%gray
    Hello --

    I'm a new member of this site, interested mostly in color landscape photography with MF equipment, though I do other things and with other formats as well.

    I ran across this quote in a book by a well-known landscape photographer, and thought I'd like to get comments from some folks here:

    “Many books advise that you use a UV filter . . . this precaution is no longer necessary. Most modern films have a UV absorbing layer to prevent the blue colour casts . . .”

    John Hedgecoe
    “Landscape Photography”

    Is this really true? If it is true of "most" modern films, is there a list of those that do not have the UV absorbing layer? If it's only true of some, is there a list of those that do have it?

    Landscape work can involve juggling a number of filters under difficult circumstances and if I can eliminate one from the bunch it would be a help, but I'd like to know the truth of the matter before making a decision about whether to leave the UV filter off or not.

    I'd appreciate any comments that members may care to make.
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