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Favourites... and why

  1. keithwms
    I propose that we link to one or two of our current favourite colour photographs by APUG members, and say a few words about it.


    Oh, alright, I'd be happy to begin! :rolleyes:

    This was posted by member "stevewillard" in March 2008:


    This image was one that really sold me on colour 4x10 and motivated my current explorations. The unusual aspect ratio, the intense (but credible) orange and green colours and the epic composition made this, instantly, one of my APUG favourites. I had some more things to say in the thread under the post.
  2. sly

    I love anything by Gene Laughter. Unique, mystic, mythical.
  3. keithwms
    Oh yes, I remember that one!
  4. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    Great idea! Here are two of my faves.

    Wally Hampton I have a thing for a well done Polaroid prints.
    The print of the beach scene sings like a impressions painting.

    I have to say that Gene Laughter is one of the best creative photographers on APUG.
    This image is one of my favorites The image of the farm and the one of the truck and I know that he has several other like it.
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