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Let's Talk about Color workshop. A quick Plug by me!

  1. Robert Brummitt
    Let's Talk about Color.
    June 13 2009 Newport Visual Art Center Oregon $75

    Color photography. It is the most common medium in our visual language. Our eyes and our minds react to color. Color is used in almost everything we see in our visual world. Christopher Burkett shared, “Through many hours of patient work, the photograph becomes more refined, as I labor to bring the luminous quality of the image to life. These are not mechanical reproductions, but images in which I have invested my heart and soul. I love it!” I hope to instill in you a love for color photography!

    During this 1-day workshop, I’ll give you some homework before we meet and then we’ll look at and discuss work of past and current photographers who apply their vision in color. I’ll also bring samples of hand colored images that are of Oregon Crater Lake. Finally, we will share and discuss your work. Try to hone our skills together.

    We will go out and apply what we have learned and shared together. I will bring my camera with Fuji FP-100c film (A type of Polaroid) and do some demonstrations of how I operate. But, I want you to go out and photograph and then we'll share the results via emails afterwards.

    A little about me:
    I have been working with color photography for over 30 years. I first got into color by working at two commercial labs. One in the S.F. Bay Area and the other was in Portland, Oregon.
    I love color photography. Its taken me sometime to understand why but I do love it. I have done years and years of black and white photography and I also love it was well. But, Color has a special place in my soul. I can see color and contrasts better then I can see tones and shades for black and white.
  2. keithwms
    Actually, I am going to be around San Fran from June 4-11th. I plan to go to some of the redwood areas.

    Best of luck with this workshop, it sounds very good! I have one amusing photo for you that I used in a colloquium of mine a few years back, it shows a young James Clerk Maxwell (yes, he of the beloved Maxwell equations) playing with a colour wheel. He, of course, demonstrated colour separation photography.

  3. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    I'll take it! Can you send me the photo? My email address is robert8x10@hotmail.com
    Thanks and if any of you color photographers have suggestions or ideas? I'm open!
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