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Help with a Electro GT focus problem?

  1. iandiam
    So I have this GT that I've recently cleaned and relubed the shutter, and now i have it back together with a new POD and some cleaned up solder joints.

    It seems to work okay, but upon developing the test roll of Fomapan 100, there is a definite problem with focus, but only wide open. Stopped down past f4, there does't seem to be a problem. I can't detect front or back focus, as the entire frame appears not to have any DOF, even in variable distance landscape shots.

    Is there any collimation adjustment?

    Is it possible that the baseline is off, and if so, is that fixable?

    I'm fairly agile with the screwdrivers...

    When I get back to the scanner later, I'll post some pics.
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