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Contax rts iii

  1. ct0778
    I posted this today on a thread from a while back but maybe this is a better place to start!

    I just bought a Contax rts iii last week off of ebay. I've been highly coveting one for a while, since I've discovered its the only Contax SLR with a MLU function.

    Its a beauty! My only problem is that I currently suffer from ringing in one of my ears and the camera, when turned on, emits a high pitch - low grunting sound, a whistling or buzzing depending on what I am metering. Its faint- but it enough of a distraction. I've researched already the best I can that this is normal, common?- with all RTS iii bodies. Its apparently has something to do with a frequency of the dc dc converter inside?

    To me its funny- that this is the dream camera to use for contax SLR users (I've shot with an Aria, T3, 645 and G2 system for years) and theres this hi pitch sound you have to put up with when making pictures...or is this not the case with all RTS iii users? Can this be fixed? Hope so

  2. flatulent1
    I have ringing in the right ear, which is also extremely sensitive to sound pressure. The hearing in my left ear is excellent. I never noticed a high-pitched whine coming from my RTS III, until I checked just now. I can only hear it by putting the viewfinder up to my ear, but it's there. In normal shooting position I don't hear it.
  3. ct0778
    Hmm thats interesting, maybe there are other RTS III users out there that might have the similar "issue" and are able to check and see if this is "normal" on their cameras as well?

    I can hear a high pitched sound the moment I turn the camera ON, as its sitting in my hands.
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