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Contax 'real Time Flash 540'

  1. pentaxpete
    I got a Contax 'Real Time Flash 540' with my Contax gear -- it is a 'hammerhead' type similar to my Mecablitzes -- well, there were lots of cables and connections NO Instruction book and the case was a bit rotten so I rubbed some 'Neatsfoot Oil' onto the case .. at last I have got it WORKING !! I had to clean all the Green GOO off contacts and find 12 AA Batteries !! then try out many ways to fit them in -- very poor design of labelling with + and - signs -- I switched ON and 'Lo and BEHOLD !!' -- it powered up !!
    When I pressed the 'test' button there was a huge Crack sound as flash discharged -- thought I would blow up !! I have found out how to connect to RTS II Quartz and exposed a few tests -- there seems to be NO TTL hot-shoe connector though -- the one I used had just ONE centre connection -- will see when fillum is developed .
    Contax with Flash by pentaxpete, on Flickr
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