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Info on RX

  1. Bruce Osgood
    My AX just isn't trustworthy. My Aria has some issues and I've about given up on 35mm to the point I haven't shot 35mm this entire year.

    I've been looking through E-Bay and see what seems like fair deals, in particular I'm looking at an RX.

    What I don't remember about the RX is if it accepts T* lenses? All I can find is that it accepts Zeiss/Contax lenses but I can't find anything that says T*.

    Another thing, can the Digital Focus Indicator be trusted? Does it indicate point of focus AND near/far DOF?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Alan Modimages
    Alan Modimages
    Hi Bruce, The T* designation just applies to the lens coating. Most lenses for Contax are T*. What you want to pay attention to is if the lens is MM or AE. MM are the most modern lens mount and enable Shutter Priority and Program modes.

    I shoot myself with the AX, and while I find the Auto Focus spotty in low light, the rest of the feature set has been very solid for me. I was torn between the RX years ago and the AX. Contax was in business then and advised me to go with the AX, since it has a more advanced focus "finding" system than the RX. So while the AX moves the internal body to focus and the RX simply gives you a focus indication, they claimed that the sensor is more advanced in the AX. I was attracted to the RX because it seemed a bit more solid. I traded up from an Aria because of reliability issues. I played with the RX and I feel the focus indicator can be trusted. It's just that you have to manually focus it.

    Hope this helps,

  3. jeremy north
    jeremy north
    I have an RX. It is a superb camera, almost as good as the RTSIII in build quality, yet has a few extra features. I don't use it's focus aid but focus it by eye. However I do use both the G2 & 645 both of which have auto focus which work impeccably. That being the case, I'd trust the RX focussing system
  4. pityacka
    I have the 167MT, and also the AX; both bought as used cameras. As a result of using the 167 I then acquired the AX. I have had no problems with either of them, as yet. There is a posting today about mirror slip in Contax cameras. The person posting here has bought two an ST, and I think an RX. Both had the same problem. I have been looking for either an RX or ST, but I am now having second thoughts. On various photo sites, persons who have used both Contax and Leica reckon the Contaxes are more dependable than Leicas.
    Bruce what is the problem with your AX ? Is it slight or serious ? I will keep a lookout for your reply, and any others re the mirror slip.
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