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Just wanted to say 'Hi' to fellow enthusiasts...

  1. ContaxRTSFundus
    As a new member of APUG and this Group, I just want to say hello to other Contax users. I've been using the gear since 1977 and still love shooting with the RTS. A few of my cameras have developed faults over the last year or so and of course, spares and repairers are becoming more and more scarce. Just trying to repair a 139, 137MA, RTSII and a 159. Delighted to have successfully repaired a Zeiss 85 2.8 and Planar 1.7 - sweated on both of those!

    Have to admit to being a bit of a fanatic - I have every Contax 35mm SLR other than the Aria (yes, even a CGCM) and have owned every Zeiss lens other than the 35 2.8, 60 C-Planar and 1000 5.6 Mirotar. Favourites: 55 1.2, 85 1.2 AE, 70-210 and 35-135. If I could work out how to upload a photo from my PC I'd post a piccie of some of favourite kit.

    Cheers for now...
  2. jeremy north
    jeremy north
    That's an impressive Contax background!

    I've been a fan for that amount of time but started out with a Yashica FR as I couldn't afford an RTS.

    Now I have Contax 35mm SLRs & G2, and the 645, along with a selection of lenses for each
  3. Dr. Zeiss dk
    Dr. Zeiss dk
    Hello too All Contax users, New her at site, Well my 159mm , is now on the Graveyard, after a long life, It had from the beginning, Problems vith the Relasebutton

    Electrmagnetic, Now i work with S2, 139Q, 137md.

    Tomas, Denmark
  4. bleuflet
    Greetings to the Contax/Yashica group. I am returning to film photography after a rest period. I started out with an FR, then moved to a Yashica FX-D. I am now enjoying a restored Yashica FX-3
    with an assortment of Yashica lenses! If anyone has an extra FX-3, please let me know.
    Analog greetings from South Carolina!
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