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Yashica FX-3 lenses

  1. romunas
    Hi all. Recently i've got a Ashica FX-3 camera with 42-75 lens on it. But i'd like to bay on eBay an 50 mm fix lens. But this Yashica is the first camera of this manufacturer and i've never used any lenses of this brand Сould anyone recommend me which lens is better? I'm interested in 50 mm lens

  2. Rick A
    Rick A
    Yashica lenses are decent quality, especially for the price. If you have the funds, buy the Contax Zeiss lenses. The Zeiss units are very pricey, but IMHO, you cant beat them for quality. I use both on my Contax 139Q, and both work very well, but I believe the Contax are a bit sharper, and feel more solid. If you start shopping for the Contax, be prepared for "sticker shock".

  3. choppastyle
    If you don't want the very expensive Zeiss lenses, get Yashica ML. They're multicoated and very good. I have the 50mm 1:2.
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