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Sellers remorse

  1. Rick A
    Well I guess I knew this would happen. A few weeks ago, I decided to sell my 139Q and all my Contax accessories. Took all of one day before it was sold, and now I find myself reaching for it, only to find an empty spot on the shelf. Dont misunderstand me, I chose to sell, used the procedes on a 4x5 set-up(I love it) and I have loads of other 35mm gear, but that was my "grab the camera and go"gear. Oh well, I still have my Yashica D( and a pile of OM schtuff).
  2. flatulent1
    I know how you feel. This spring I parted company with my modest accumulation of Nikon gear so as to beef up my Contax kit. I miss my F4, definitely, but am thoroughly enjoying my RTS-III. No sellers remorse, but I am definitely going to reacquire another F4 within the next two or three years.
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