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Contax / Yashica

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  1. xjr_v8
    Thank very much Rob, I got it
  2. unohuu
    Luke here. I am a Yashica Lynx and GSN user.
  3. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Welcome Luke.
    Those look like two interesting rangefinders. Do you have the Lynx 14?
  4. TheFlyingCamera
    I just snagged a Lynx 14 to add to the Contax horde (RX, G1). Which battery does it take again? What's most folks' take on the mercury-free-substitute vs adjust the voltage of the meter solution to the battery situation with these cameras?
  5. unohuu
    thanks, Rob...it has been a busy month. The Lynx 14 (I call her Cyclops) is exactly what I have.
  6. Claire Senft
    Claire Senft
    Pleased would I be to join this group. I have the following equipment: RTSIII, 21mm Distagon, 28mm 2.8 Distagon, 28mm Super Angulon PC from a Leica R that I changed to a Contax adapter, 35mm 2.8 Distagon, 35mm 2.8 PC Distagon, 50mm 1.4 Planar, 60mm 1:1 version Makro Planar, 100mm 2.0 Planar, 200mm 2.0 Apo Sonnar, Mutar 2, a non Contax bellows unit, 4 inch Goerz Red Dot Artar, set of tubes.

    I might add that I really like Contax cameras. The RTSIII is nicer for what I wish to do these days than any other camera I have used.
  7. naaldvoerder
    Just returned from a trip in Italy with 2 Aria's (1 of them rigged to take Kodak IR) and 3 lenses 50/1.4, 28/2.8 and 85/2.8. This seems to be my favorite travelkit at the moment....
  8. msdemanche
    hello, I would like to join this group. I shoot predominately with 4X5 and my hasselblad, but i still use my trusty yashica g and have my students shoot with about 3 different versions of yashica in their photo three class.
    look forward to joining in.
  9. Sanjay Sen
    Sanjay Sen
    Hi folks,

    I am a Yashica Electro 35 GSN user, and a soon-to-be Contax G1 user!!!

    I have been using the GSN since the 80s (it was my father's camera), but lately it hasn't gotten much use due to battery issues. How do other users of these wonderful cameras solve the battery problem? The original mercury battery recommended for these cameras is not available any longer. Do you use an adapter, a substitute battery, or some other method? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    Best wishes,
  10. André E.C.
    André E.C.
    Hi Guys,

    Yashica J (my first camera) and Contax IIa/Zeiss Sonnar Opton 5cm f/1.5 here, not shooting that much with them lately, but well, maybe tomorrow, we never know.


  11. mamiya_madman
    Does anyone else in the world have an FRII?!?!?! Ive got mine and ive never seen one since and its an absolutely beautiful camera, and the fixed lenses for it are as sharp as !?**&$£! All i need now is a battery for it (again). Please do get in contact with me if you have one!
  12. michael markey
    michael markey
    A quick hello from me.
    I was given an FX3 with a Yashica 28ml and a 75 -205 Hoya zoom last year.
    I was so impressed with the Yashica lens that I bought a Zeiss Planar 50/1.7.
    Now the body has dev light leaks and the rewind keeps dropping off.
    I`ve been dithering for months about getting another body.I`ll most likely get a cheap replacement although I fancy an RX.Reliability and lack of repair are putting me off though.

  13. Dom Andrews
    Dom Andrews
    Hi everyone,

    I’ve just joined this group. I’ve got a Yashica FX-D Quarts. The focusing screen has some spots on the top side. Does anyone know how I can access the top of the focusing screen to clean it?
  14. AllenBaxter
    Hello: I am new to APUG and this group. I have recently gotten back into film photography. I started with 35mm Nikon shooting and got interested in medium format. I just purchased a used Yashica Mat 124 tha appears to be in very good condition. Since I have never used this type of camera and am used to 35mm format I had one question that I was hoping to get some assistance with. I was cleaning the camera and noticed that the focusing screen appeared to be what I thought was somewhat cloudy compared to looking through my nikon lenses. I proceeded to disassemble the focusing screen and the fresnel field lens assembly: glass plate with red lines etched into plate which was not clear glass but almost frosted + the plastic lens which was very clear. I proceeded to try and clean the glass plate, but to no avail. Is it normal for the glass plate with the red etched lines to be somewhat frosted, i.e., not perfectly clear glass? I am new to this camera and format and just was not sure what is normal. I shot my first roll of film this weekend and have not yet developed to review the images so this will be the test to determine whether I was able to focus sharply. Thanks for the help.
  15. MirekJ
    I'm photographing for 40 years. I started with simple USSR cameras, ended up on a digital Nikon D300. For several years, I'm shooting only on film. I have several MF cameras. Now I returned to the 35mm format, I bought an Contax Aria. I'm developing film itself, in the home
  16. Jim Rice
    Jim Rice
    Allow me to introduce myself. I recently acquired an RTS with 2.8/25 Distagon and 2.8/85 Sonnar. So far I am finding this set up very intuitive and, of course, the image quality is astounding.
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