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Contax / Yashica

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  1. rob champagne
    Anyone know where I can lay my hands on a list of Contax Lens shade numbers and which lens/focal length they are designed for?
    I'm thinking of slr lenses here so if you have contax lense shade for any lens I'd also be interested to know its model number and which lense you use it on.
  2. Bruce Osgood
    Bruce Osgood
    I'd like to join this list.

    Contax Aria and (not working well) AX. 28, 50 and 80-200mm lenses.

    Rob, I'd like to help you out but it's been abut 10 years since I bought a lens hood and I don't know where I got the size info you requested.

    If it helps you I got the Metal Hoods #5 for the 80-200, #4 for the 50 and #1 for the 28
  3. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Welcome. The more the merrier.

    Yes that does help cos it tells me a #1 is for a 28mm lense. I've searched high and low for this info on the web. At the moment I would also like to know which hood is for a 35mm lense. Down the line I may need others.
    Currently I have an Aria and a 167MT. I was thinking of getting an S2 but have decided that an RTSIII will be the next. Primarily for the mirror lock up when doing landscape work.
    Do you know if the RTSII has mirror lock up as that would be a cheaper option.
    Currently I have a 28mm AE, 50mm MM 1.7, 85mm MM 1.4, 135mm MM 2.8, 35-70 3.4 Vario and 28-85 Vario. Next lense will be a 35mm 1.4 but they are very pricey so will have to wait.
  4. naaldvoerder
    Hi guys,

    I use RTSIII, 2 Aria's, 1.4 85mm, 2.8 85mm, 1.4 50mm, 2.8 28mm, 2.8 135mm and 4.0 18mm. I do think RTSII has mirrorlock-up. Rob, here is a list u can us;

    Contax SLR hood and filter reference Index Publications


    Jaap Jan
  5. naaldvoerder
    Actually, a description of the RTSII is on the same page!

  6. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Thanks Jaap, that's perfect.
  7. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Whats wrong with your aria Bruce?
  8. alien
    hello all,

    I am a Contax lover- glad to meet you here!

  9. Bruce Osgood
    Bruce Osgood
    Today 12:25 AM - rob champagne
    Whats wrong with your aria Bruce?

    The problems are electrical related, mainly focus. It seems to need a new battery with each roll of film. I have the powerpack and it doesn't help.
  10. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    That sounds tricky. Contax repair is difficult now. We have one in the UK who are made up of some ex Contax/Kyocera employees at http://www.alphadigitalservices.co.uk but that's probably not much use to you.
  11. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    The lens hood I'm looking for is the rubber G14 67mm hood. Anyone seen one of these available anywhere?
  12. Bruce Osgood
    Bruce Osgood
    How do you upload a picture here?
    Do you need to first upload to your personal gallery and then transfere it here?
  13. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    you go to your MY APUG folder and create yourself an album there (under networking heading). And from there you can also add them to this group.
  14. Bruce Osgood
    Bruce Osgood
    Thanks Rob.
  15. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Hi all,
    Just to let you know, if you hadn't noticed already, I have set up a group forum. You can post in the normal group and only people visiting the group will see the post or you can post in the forum (link at top of this page) and everyone looking at new or todays posts in the main apug forums will see your post.
    I think only group members can post to the group forum.

    I have placed a sticky thread in the forum with some contax files which may be useful. You can add any useful files to it in the usual way by uploading an attachment and placing the attachment in a reply to thread post. Unfortunately the max pdf upload size is only 925KB so I can't upload camera manuals which are too big.

    Rob Champagne
  16. naaldvoerder
    Hi All,

    Has anyone of you been able to get away with using a 67mm filter on the 18/4.0 for Contax? Maybe a slim filter could be used??
  17. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    I don't have that lens but B+W make some low profile filters for wide angle lenses and also some oversized filters for very wide angle lenses.
    If you download the the pdf at the following link and goto page 64 you will see filters for 67mm thread.

  18. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    Doesn't that lens have a 70mm filter mount?
  19. xjr_v8
    Hello everybody

    I recently have a contax rx and 50 mm 1.4 but i don't have instruction book of it,now i can't understand how it work ? did anyone kindly please introduct or have some link to download instruction manual of the rx, Thanks
  20. rob champagne
    rob champagne
    I have never seen a free downloadable manual for the RX. You can buy them from http://www.oldtimercameras.com/stock...ModelPage=true
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