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My new 'Free Camera' !!

  1. pentaxpete
    Just found this Group -- so as I have two Voigtlanders -- an 'AVUS' 9x12cms and now have been given by a Camera Club member a 1930's 'BRILLIANT' -- it was very dirty, having been in a ladie's loft for many years -- it came with case and a Voigtlander Yellow Filter in a small leather poch - plasic was not invented then !

    I brushed off the dirt with a toothbrush and a little hand soap - all inside was dusty -- I put some 'Saddle Soap' on the leatherwork of the case and straps and cleaned front and rear surfaces of the lenses with lens fluid and tissues -- inside the taking lens is some 'misting' still and I tried to get into it but at the moment cannot get off the rear retaining ring, The Yellow Filter I cleaned with fluid and tiisues as well -- I have lubricated the 'wind on' knob as it was so stiff -- I have taken two rolls 120 fim so far - a 2001 dated Agfa APX 400 and a 2005 dated Ilford Delta 400 and processed in Tetenal Neopress HC 1+31 .... suprisingly not too much 'flare' from the interior misting-- I took some FLASH photos on first roll indoors using the 'Open Flash' method with camera on tripod and a Metz 45 CL3 unit. Outdoors on second roll in good light I used the 'top speed' of 1/150th for everything and 'guessed' the aperture setting as was done in that period -- the lens is very sharp -- all brickwork has been resolved well, under a 6x magnifier. I will post some results for you to view -----
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