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Cosina Voigtlander Group

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  1. Barry06GT
    I own a Bessa R, L, and about five months ago got a R2A which is my go to camera. (I say this knowing I will pick up the Fuji GA645 I ordered from KEH two weeks ago.)

    The 25 lives on the L, which lives on the shelf I am sorry to say.

    The 35 lives on the R2A and the 50 travels in the bag as added weight as I don't use it much.

    The only time I grab the Nikon digital is when I need or want something for the web or to be published in my club's online newsletter.
  2. f8lee
    I have the Bessa T with 12MM lens (which is awesome!) - a great combination for surreptitious shooting.
  3. tony lockerbie
    tony lockerbie
    I have been a fan of Voigtlanders for years, both old and new. Currently have a R and L with 15, 25,35, 50 and 90mm lenses.
    Old stuff, Vito CLR, Vito 11 and 111, Prominent, Bessamatics, Vitessa L, pre war Bessa RF, Brillant and a Superb. Yep, slightly obsessive!
  4. RobertV
    A very nice product line. However I am a Leica-M photographer but I have the C.V. 4,5/15mm Super wide Heliar in M mount. Price - quality for C.V. is extremely good.
    In medium format I am using the C.V. Bessa III 667. It's a very nice compact collapsable 6x6 or 6x7 (cm) RF camera.
  5. Removed Account2
    OK I'm in I own a few oldies that lives mostly in the closet, and a Bessa L, that sees some service along with the Leica, sharing its lenses. No lenses though.... Have to admit I prefer the Leica M ovcer the Leica II/III, hence I probably should upgrade the Bessa, as the new Leicas are expensive as h**l!
  6. R gould
    R gould
    I own and use a few older voigtlanders, I have a Vito 1 from 1947 with the uncoated skoper lens, a early vito 2 with the compur rapid reshuttter and no shoe and a later vito 2 with a shoe,a vito b and a vitomatic 11a, with a working exposure meter,Richard
  7. michael markey
    michael markey
    Hello from me.

    No CV bodies but I do use a 40/1.4 single coated Nockton and a 21 Skoper.

  8. Snapper
    I love my Bessa R2a, which I've been using for the last 5 years since discovering the wonderful world of CV. I also have an L body plus a 21/4, 25/4 and 75/2.5. (Although I have to admit my 50 and 35 are by L**** and Z**** - ).
  9. revdocjim
    I'm completely new to range finders and just recently took the plunge when I picked up a Bessa R with a Canon 50/1.8 and then a Skopar 35/2.5
    So far I'm liking it, although I must admit that it strikes me as an in between size. It's not a pocket camera, the way my Fujifilm Klasse is. But if I'm going to string something around my neck I'm tempted to go with my Spotmatic since I have a whole bunch of Takumar lenses and they are a lot cheaper than LTM lenses. What would you consider to be the selling points of a range finder like the Bessa R over a small SLR like the spotty?
  10. Red Robin
    Red Robin
    Well it looks as if everyone here has gone on to other forums.
  11. Red Robin
    Red Robin
    Is this a dead group? It seems like no one has posted in a long time.
  12. Red Robin
    Red Robin
    Well, here goes! Seems like everyone but me has sold their Bessa's. Too bad, I have a Bessa R and next to mt Canon P's it's a favorite. An assortment of M-39 lenses include A j-12. a j-3, czj-5cm, canon 50 1.8, c-1.9 ind 5cm , a Canon 35 2.8 and others I just don't use much. I really like the smallness of this unit w/the ability to use my other lenses.
  13. whlogan
    Just joined I have 4 An r2 , L , T , and a Bessa III... the Bessa III is a horse... like the 6x7 format best of all ... the T is my favorite of the 35's.... need a 15 for that baby and will get one soon... the 25 is good...traded my 15 to an old friend for a 5x7 with holders, film and all the stuff... lenses too.... loved that guy....guy died soon thereafter. Best friend for a lotta years. Miss him lots. T is best 35 ever made, I think. Hard worker, too. I'm mainly a medium format worker now. I'll add some photos later on,
  14. whlogan
    Logan, again.... sorry... I left out my favorite Voightlander, my R2S....how could I do this? This beauty is, of couse, the copy, so to speak, of the Nikon S2 with some improvements. It is a super camera and I love it. Does it all really. Cannot think of an improvemnt I would make on the body. It does not muchlike the 21mm lens for some reason. but apart from that it is really super...
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