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Cosina Voigtlander Group

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  1. thomsonrc
    Voigtlander are one of the few remaining manufacturers who produce new affordable film cameras and this group is for sharing information and opinions on the equipment, but also how and what we use the cameras for, anything as long as its voigtlander related.
  2. Andy K
    Andy K
    Ok, I'm in. I have three Voigtlanders. An R3m, a Vito CLR and an old 6x9 folder. (I also have the Bessaflex SLR which is an excellent M42 screw mount camera).
  3. hobbes
    Hello, just joined I'm Dominik, recently I have bought Bessa R2 w/ Ultron 35/1.7 and Nokton 50/1.5; few years ago I owned a Bessa L with Skopar 25/4. I think it's a best bargain considering costs vs quality & reliability.
  4. thomsonrc
    Three members, so now I think it is a group.

    I have expanded the remit from modern Voigtlander to modern and classic. I use a Voigtlander R2m with 25/f4, 35/f2.5, 50/f1.5, 90/3.5. I also have two classic cameras: a Vito B and a Vito IIa.

    What I ilke about Voigtlander equipment is that a whole kit is small light and easy to use, costs very little and delivers very good results.

    I'm tempted by the new 35/f1.4 as its fast and small, but Im not sure I can justify it as I already have a 35. Having said that I have rediscovered the vale of a fast 50mm lens with the voigtlander, like (I think) a lot of people I had come to disregard the 'standard' lens usually opting for a 35mm, but the Nokton is so good I don't use wider lenses anything like I did.
  5. hobbes
    Hey thomsonrc, could you please post a sample taken with your 90/3.5 ? I'm thinking of buying that glass but I haven't seen any picture taken with it, just curious. thanks
  6. hobbes
    Recently I've been zeroing in a Voigtlander Prominent, do you guys have any experience with that thing?
  7. thomsonrc
    Hi Hobbes

    I dont have a scanner so I cant post any photos, but I can report that it is an excellent lens. Very Sharp. Interesting you mention the Prominent, I have considered buying one of these but havent seen one in the flesh let alone used it.
  8. unohuu
    I have a Vitomatic II that I love for it's incredible lens and small pocketable size.
  9. nsouto
    Hi gang. Not a "strict" Voigtlander user here: I use a Zeiss ZM, but with mostly Voightlander glass: can't afford the Zeiss one and quite frankly why should I? The Ultrons are so good I'm not gonna bother!
  10. nsouto
    has anyone used one of the new 35/1.4 r/f lenses?
    I've got a 35/1.7 Ultron but always on the lookout for something better.
    Anyone tested the new one?
  11. haris
    Hi. I use Bessa R2A with 35mmPII and 75mm.
  12. John W
    John W
    Hi all. I've got a Bessa T, lovely for wide, wide shooting with my CV 15/4.5, 21/4 LTM, and 35/2.5 P-II lenses. I'm contemplating a new RF body, perhaps an R2A/M or even a Zeiss Ikon as nsouto has done.
  13. rst
    R3A with 40mm Nokton
  14. Tom Hoskinson
    Tom Hoskinson
    Hello everyone, I'm in. I have Several Voigtlanders. I have Two Bessa T bodies, A R3m plus 21mm Color Skopar, 35mm F1.2 Nokton, 15mm Heliar and 50mm collapsible Heliar. I also have a Bessa 2 6x9 folder with 105mm Color Skopar. And I have a 35mm Bessaflex SLR (with M42 thread lens mount).
  15. SteveinAlaska
    Well I have not posted in the group section in quite some time. So to update, went through 10 rolls of both Ilford Delta 100 and Pan F 50 since August in my 1936 Bessa RF. I have taken a lot of the antique auto club and some outdoor scenes and finished with group photos indoors of a student group at university. I have been very surprised at the clarity of my negatives with my choice of film.This camera has gotten so comfortable to use !
  16. thomsonrc
    Is anyone interested in the new Bessa III? I would love one when the come out, but I guess it depends on the price.
  17. Mr Worry
    Mr Worry
    Using classic 35mm voigtlanders at the moment Vito C & B and hopefully many more !
  18. Ole
    One Bessa L, one Bessa T, one Vito, one Bessa (original 6x9), one Perkeo, and there might be a Bessa III in the future.
  19. thomsonrc
    I think one of the best classic Voigtlanders is the Vito IIa. I was lucky enough to find one in a charity shop last year for £20. The shutter was a bit sticky so I had it serviced and cleaned and now it works fine. As a folder it is really easy to carry around, and the colour-skopar is a really good lens. I'd like a Vito III but I've only seen them at very high 'collectors' prices. I also fancy a Vitessa folder too, but they seem quite pricy too.
  20. Johs
    Hi. I use Bessa R2A, T, M4P, CLE, 3F RDST, 3G with 15mm to 1000mm + Komura 39mm/M telemore95 2X and visoflex3. I have also converted a Visoflex 2 to take Hasselblad lenses ( R2A+Viso2+Tessar 500mm+2x), and with adapters for Linhof, Sinar and Chamonix view cameras.
    My problem is that Iím not born With a copy of Donald Duck in my hand. Therefore, Iím not able to read or write English very well. It will take me some time to answer, as I canít write Norwegian in this group and have to get help with my English.
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