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  1. Removed Account2
    Too little talk about classic Voightländers here!

    I've had several in the past, I have a couple now, of the early 1950 (pre Zeiss takeover I think) 35mm Voightländer cameras.

    The thing that really irks me is: what was it with manufacturer QC of these cameras? Rarely if ever have I come across one that works.

    Why is that?

    Was the design totally back-asswardedly or weak, so the users f***d them up in normal day-to-day use?

    I dson't think I ever came across one that works. That is strange, in view of the companys long and sucessful line of folders....
  2. R.Gould
    I have yet to have a problem with any classic Voightlander camera, and I have a few, from a Bessa 66 from 1938, 3 vito folders, the 1,with an uncoated skoper lens, and a 2 and 2A, plus a Vito B and a vitomatic IIa, all of which work perfectly and all get used, from my experiance their QC was up to scratch, you must have been very unlucky,
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