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February issue to be released on Jan 29

  1. Christopher Walrath
    Lots of great stuff in store for this issue. Not gonna give it away but there's a bit of a new look and an expanded portfolio for a different 'perspective'. Well, OK. There's your hint. But it's not what you think.

    Later on, folks. And remember, if people are lookin' at you funny, you're probably doin' it right.
  2. Toffle
    Looks Great!!!
    Thanks for the TZM article.
    Someone oughta tell Jim Galli that Bernd has the one soft focus lens that he doesn't own. (by the way... you might want to tap Jim on the shoulder and ask if you can feature som eof his work.)

    (now I gotta see what I can do for the competition... not a lot of "rebirth" in our arctic landscape...)
  3. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    Well, at least if Tom enters we'll have an entry.

    GIVE ME MORE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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