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  1. Romary

    I have discover recently this magazine. All initiative to promote our dear analog photography are welcome and I like the site and the magazine. I have opened an account yesterday.

    Just a very quick introduction, I am French, I love analog photography and I am involve in the life of the association I am membre of.

    I might (this not a promess just a thought) be interested to write articles. BUT, even if I have no problem to read English my writing is not good enough to write a publishable article in English. Would it be possible to publish in other language (may be not a really good idea) or to have somebody to help non English writer?
  2. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    We have wanted to have translations into foreign languages to truly be an international magazine. However initial attempts were made with software. I know. Analog photographers trying to translate an analog thing like language digitally. We should have known the success with which we were met. However sometime in the future we might go to the trouble of forming a trasnslation team for the magazine to reach our original goal. For now, English is regretably all we have.

    And, welcome to the group.
  3. Romary
    I fully understand the choice of English. Add other language version would give you a lot more work.

    forget the automatic translation. That does not give good translation. That gives funny (in all meaning of the word) translation.
  4. Christopher Walrath
    Christopher Walrath
    I agree. For instance, a photographer who has the surname of Hill, this would be translated in the text as that languages word for Hill. It was impossible for me to edit all of these corrections as I was unfamiliar with the idioms to begin with.
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