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New things with CiM (personel/website resource)

  1. Christopher Walrath
    Well for those of you who may not be aware, David has stepped down from his post as editor-in-chief due to constraints on his time. So we are moving on. I'm at the helm and am currently looking for some assistance. More on that in the June 09 magazine which is currently online at our new Lulu.com storefront.

    Also, we have added a new resource on the website. It is regarding photographic chemistry. We have about 8-9 recpies thus far from four different sources and more are being added daily. So keep an eye on that and if you have any recipes yourself send them on either via PM here or via email to c.walrath@creativeimagemaker.co.uk Pleasae include a breif description, ingredients in mixing order, times and temp and tested films and all that stuff.

    CiM is halfway through its second year and so far we are not suffering a sophomore jinx of any sort. (knock on wood/ ouch, my head)
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