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What bike do you have?

  1. darinwc
    I have a Trek 7100 'hybrid' that I bought about a year ago.
    Bontrager 700 wheels, 3x7 twist shifters and shimano derailers


    Its a good bike but I wish it was lighter.

    I also have a vintage Miyata 710 road bike that was recently given to me. It was made around 1985. I'm trying to get it working.

    What do you ride?
  2. DWThomas
    As of the end of March, I have a Cannondale Quick 5 hybrid.
    I've put over 260 miles on it since then and am pretty happy with it. I did do a pedal upgrade before it left the store.

    I have a Fuji S12-S road bike about twenty-five(?) years old that's in pretty good shape, but I think I'm going to clean it up and sell it.

    I'm at least one cruiser bike overweight, so I haven't worried too much about the bike weight!
  3. upnorthcyclist
    Haven't checked in here lately - nice to see there's still some interest!

    My main commuter bike is a cyclocross-style Habanero titanium frame, with Mavic Open-Pro wheels and an Ultegra triple drivetrain. It's light and bullet-proof. I've had it for several years and have put a zillion miles on it. Cyclocross bikes allow the use of fatter tires than road bikes - I run C700 x 35 randonneur (almost slicks) tires, which make for a cushy ride and will go off-pavement when required. The bike is fitted with a Topeak rear rack, and I have a couple of their bags in different sizes that click into it. I have modified the trunk part of these bags with foam to carry cameras.

    I also have a beautiful Rivendell Rambouillet steel-frame road bike that I use for longer-distance riding, but it seems, more and more, that I am riding the cyclocross bike almost exclusively - it is a very versatile bike.

    I hardly ever use the car in the summer, these days. Cycling, for me, really changed my life from a health point of view. I lost 70 pounds over a couple of years. As I got more fit, my riding style evolved from riding a comfort bike to a hybrid bike to a road bike and finally the semi-custom cyclocross bike, over a span of eight years or so. I've spent a few bucks along the way but don't regret it a bit - look what a gym membership would cost, plus gas and upkeep on the car.

    Keep riding!

  4. landscapepics
    My main bike is a Ridgeback Panorama - a traditional "touring" bike, drop handlebars, easy angles, 700c wheels.

    I also have a hub-geared commuter bike from Carrera (ie Halfords brand) - quite handy but heavier than the Ridgeback, and I don't really need it so may sell it.
  5. Robert Liebermann
    Robert Liebermann
    Aha, the bicyclist film shooters! Like my cameras, I have numerous ones most all pre-1984! 1st Canondale (ST-500), '83 Univega, Stumpjumpers '82-85, '84 Trek 820, etc., etc. More here: http://rjl.us/velo/ I also have a Contax G1 and a touring bike built on a Surly LHT frame (1st gen, green) - that one's built with mostly 70s-80s parts. Will eventually ditch the frame for someting older, better, better looking!
  6. 35mm
    Hello Cyclists group,

    There hasn't been activity in this group for some time; so, I'll contribute. I live in northern Georgia, about 30 miles from Atlanta and my ride is a Surly Long Haul Trucker that is tricked out for urban assault (I'll post a photo). There are panniers on the front wheel and I carry my OM-1n, OM-PC, or Nikon N2000 whenever I go out for the day to ride.

    Happy New Year to all,
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