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Exhibition about bicycles

  1. bubbleojill
    Hi everyone

    I'm new to APUG but was surprised that there was a cyclist group. Just thought I might share my recent collection ("Commute" http://bubbleojill.arbaureal.com/pushiesgaloreproject) that focuses on cycling as a commuter. I shot this as a first person perspective on commuting in my city. It was shown with collections from five digital photogs at a local bike swap a couple of weeks ago.

    Unfortunately the scanner I had to use for the 11"x14" prints was average but hopefully the spirit of the original photos is still apparent. Shot on a 35mm Canon EOS 300 with Ilford FP4+, developed in Caffenol-C and printed on Ilford MGIV in my home darkroom. I had a lot of fun riding around taking the photos which are mostly of my little vintage foldable bike.

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