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  1. Andy K
    David, I have orderd the fixed frame version, mainly because that beautiful frame looks seriously delicate when separated (I know, I don't have to separate it, but I'm a tinkerer, and its best I don't give myself the choice!). The Moulton, strictly speaking, was not primarily designed as a folding cycle. It can be ordered with a separable frame, but to be honest, compared to a cycle with 26" < wheels, it is already a space saver. There is a video showing a TSR being separated for transportation on a train: http://video.google.com/videosearch?...emb=0&start=40. The Brompton knocks it into a cocked hat where folding is concerned.
    Having said that, the only reason I didn't plump for a Brompton was the lack of choice when it came to gearing, as they only have a maximum choice of six speeds (three speed cassette on two speed internal hub gear).
  2. arigram
    Speaking of folding bikes, a friend of mine has the Dahon Broadwalk and rides it around Athens.
  3. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    Yes, I think it makes sense to have gotten a non-separable Moulton with that complicated frame.

    The Brompton isn't so much of a performance folder, like Bike Friday or even some of the better Dahons that are coming out now, but it really folds better than anything else, which makes it ideal for city riding. There are a few custom options for upgrading the gearing out there. Some people have set up derailleur systems on them, and there's the Rohloff 14-speed hub gear (the downside is the weight), and the Swiss Mountain Drive, which is like a front hub gear that fits in the bottom bracket. If we moved to a place that had hills, I'd probably spring for the Mountain Drive.
  4. Andy K
    Andy K
    Ooops, that was the wrong link, here is the 'folding' video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...LU-eW2Ag&hl=en

    Aristotelis, I looked at, and had a ride on, a Dahon Speed Pro last year. Nice bike, but I didn't like the colour. At the time it was only available in yellow. Also some of the componentry felt a bit cheap, like they had cut corners.
  5. arigram
    Oh, Andy, I wasn't suggesting the Dahon to you, I just felt to mention it in the conversation. You seem to know exactly what you want and have the experience to choose correctly. A folding bike is useful for those who live in cities with a cramped apartment and need to carry it in public transportation. If I had the money I would go for a carbon road bike like the Orbea Orca. Of course that means that I would have to train as a cyclist as otherwise it would be wasted. So, at the moment, rich or poor, I am keeping the one I have until I am experienced and able-bodied enough to upgrade to something better.
  6. Andy K
    Andy K
    I didn't think you were, I was just posting my limited experience of the Dahon.
  7. Garry Madlung
    Garry Madlung
    I haven't joined any groups yet, no real reason not to, but I just had to join this group. I love cycling, used to road race. Now if I can get the proper gear to haul my camera equipment up a mountain....

    Glad to have Lance back.
  8. arigram
    Are you a cyclist that also uses Ubuntu Linux?
    Freedom on the road, freedom on the desk!
  9. Andy K
    Andy K
    Team GB have picked up a heap more cycling Gold medals at the Paralympics:


    We are now second in the medals table after China:

  10. Andy K
    Andy K
    Thought I'd post this here too: For any UK cyclists reading this, next Thursday's (18th) special offer at Aldi is cycling gear.
  11. Iwagoshi
    Well, after 1500 kilometers I'm finally pushing the big chain-ring. I've been spinning in the 39 up till now. Time to feel the burn.
  12. pandino
    I'm far from a diehard cyclist, but do have slightly more experience than Aristotelis. I'm trying to get back into it by combining it with photography.

    The accessory to make it all complete: a Topeak trunkBag, the perfect size to carry my 3x4 speed, a meter and a half dozen DDS'.
  13. arigram
    Is your city doing anything for the 22nd of September?
  14. Andy K
    Andy K
    I don't know. What happens on Sept 22nd?
  15. arigram
    The 22nd of September is the Day Without Car.
    I think its european only, though.
  16. bdial
    Don't know about the 22nd, but for the 21st I'll be spending several hours on the bike, in our local club's annual century (100 mile/160.9 km) ride.
  17. Andy K
    Andy K
    Make those car drivers aware of you and your speed... http://www.speedvest.com/
  18. arigram
    As if Cyclists aren't enough of Circuses on Wheels..
    At least it could add one or two zeros to confuse the motorists. I would love one that could flash a middle finger or scroll a message.
    (like these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/7c60/ http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/car/8e9a/)
    I think the best method to communicate with drivers would be to install a loudspeaker with a wireless microphone on your helmet.
  19. Schlapp
    Just back from three days cycling on the Isle of Barra. A lovely place to cycle, great for takin snaps too :-) Smooth single track road in the main, little traffic and considerate when you do meet some. Put it on your list to go.
    My chums Ellen Hunter, Aileen Mcglynn and Ant Kappes all got gold medals at the paralympics in Beijing o0n the tandems on the velodrome :-)
  20. bdial
    What a treat! And world-class atheletes as riding partners. I'm very envious.
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