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  1. haris
    Me too...
  2. Markok765
    I went to critical mass last night! There was a couple with something that looked like 2 recumberants together with a couch on it!
  3. haris
    Last night was my first serious deliberate rain ride. First experience and lesson is GO SLOW! I mean, I discovered, when go downhill little faster it is not easy to break with wet tires and brakes, if you know what I mean... Luckilly, I very fast learned to slow down, and was in no ugly situations, except first time I had to break harder...
  4. bdial
    How about 11 gears?
    5 gears in the back used to be enough, then we got 6, 7, 8, 9 then 10. Now Campagnolo has 11. Just upgrading will cost the price of many complete bikes. Not something I'll be considering anytime soon, so far I'm happy with my 10 speed kit.
    But it's nice to look at in all its titanium, alloy and carbon fiber glory. http://www.campagnolo.com/jsp/en/tech/id_11.jsp
  5. haris
    Just saw, front and back derailleurs have 11 gears each. That means 121 speeds! O tempora, o mores...

    My bike has 3 front derailleur gears and 8 back gears, that is 24 speeds.
  6. bdial
    I think the front is currently only two, but the compact derailleur might be able to shift across three chainrings. 11 is part of it's name because it is designed as part of the 11 (22 total) speed system. The chain is narrower, so the cage of the derailleur needs to match it.
  7. haris

    When I read 11 speed frond derailleur AND 11 speed rear deailleur, then I thought about 121 speed, but probably I am wrong.
  8. Iwagoshi
    Not wanting to distract from discussing the merits of an Italian 22-speed, but I had a great ride to work this AM, on my lowly 14-speed. A robust tail wind and a tow (draft) from a local "Speedracer" across the Berkeley flats. I hope he wasn't too annoyed with someone twice his age sitting on his wheel. Although once he saw me there he did kick it up a few MPHs.
  9. Iwagoshi
    Ugh, unfortunately there was a robust head wind this PM on the way home. No speedracer to draft, just me and the North Wind. Oh well, that's life.
  10. haris
    I use mosty between 9th (for uphill ride) to 14th (for flat road and downhill ride) speed on my bike (having 24, 3x8 total speeds), so I could easilly remove one of front derailleur cogs.

    Thiat is marketing thing, it is easier to sell when you tell customers bike has more speeds. You know, we love to have it bigger, faster, better, give me more, more!!!!

    After few quite cold and rainy days, here is soo nice, sunny, not too warm, but also not cold, no wind, no rain, beautifull
  11. Iwagoshi
    I don't know if anyone mentioned it before but 1-speed bikes with no brakes are very popular among the young folks (tweens) around here, very similar to Eve's bike. They're sellin' like hot-cakes. Anyway, different but just more of the same marketing (hype).
  12. bdial
    I've wanted to at least try out a fixed gear for a while. Two things keep me from doing it, 1 is GAS, I don't truly need a third bike. The other is the terrain I live in. From my house to the main road is about 1 KM in distance and about 100 meters in altitude change. From there, there are two choices, 3 miles downhill, or 5 miles downhill, and plenty more hills beyond that. One bike has 12 (2*6) gears, the other 20 (2*10), on just about any ride I make some use of most of them.
  13. haris
    I can understand fixed gear, but no brakes...
  14. Andy K
    Andy K
    Haris, you slow and stop a fixed gear cycle with your own strength on the pedals.
  15. Markok765
    When I build up my fixie, I'll be putting a front brake on it.
  16. bdial
    The late Sheldon Brown recommended a front brake for street use fixed gear bikes, seems like not a bad idea.
  17. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    Hey everyone, just joined here. I'm a clydesdale biker. That's funny. Have you ever seen a clydesdale monkey? Makes you wonder.. Anyhow.. Just wanted to say hi. I've got a Giant Sedona hybrid mountain bike which I ride every weekend for fun, sometimes carrying my Minolta kit and tripod with me so if I find a good location I can snap a photo. And I've got a Jamis Aurora touring bike with full panniers setup by Axiom. Also I just recently built a 2005 Raleigh Prestige frame with full Dura Ace and carbon everything else, flattened spoked hand made rims by.. err.. I forgot the brand name at the moment. I'm afraid to ride it because I'm a clydesdale, so I'm trying to sell it. I don't know why I built it really except that I get really obsessed from time to time with objects that have a certain sexyness to them and this Raleigh Prestige sure is a sexy frame. Man she is sweet. I rub the downtube daily! Errr... I don't want y'all to look at me like I'm strange so I'll shut up now and what you don't know won't hurt ya! hahah Anyhow.. Hello!

    By the way, I spent in excess of $2500 on that Raleigh. Probably more liek $2800. Its a fresh ride. Not one mile on it yet. I'll be selling it, or... I'd like to trade it for a nice medium format kit (I'm thinking Mamiya 6 x 7 because Hasselblad doesn't do 6 x 7) or for a nice field camera 4 x 5 or 8 x 10 in decent operable condition. In case anyone wants a really really sexy road bike, I'll send you some photos.
  18. Iwagoshi
    A clydesdale monkey? You mean a gorilla? And yes, a gorilla pedal-masher on carbon-fiber seems like a bad combination.
  19. John_Nikon_F
    Hey, just joined the group myself. Am getting back into mountain biking after 12 years of being stagnant. Anyway, my ride is a 1994 Trek 930 that I've added a Rock Shox Judy TT suspension fork to, and have been restoring, when I've cash that's not tied up into my Volvo wagon or into my NAS. Still have some things to do to it, including replacing the middle chainring, which has some wear on it, but, otherwise, it's a fully rideable bike.
  20. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    Yes yes.. I resemble a gorilla sort of except my upper thighs are 30 inches. But I couldn't find a nice photo of a shaved gorilla with spectacles so I had to be a monkey
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