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  1. haris
    Yes, Andy, I remember these now, I had one as child, breaks are there, you push pedals in oposite direction from direction of driving, and thay is how they stop. It was long time ago
  2. Iwagoshi
    NAS? Whassat? Non-Allergenic Socks? Nikon Analog System?
  3. John_Nikon_F
    Close. Nikon Acquisition Syndrome. The bane of most Nikon owners' existience...

  4. Schlapp
    .... as long as you have the lock-ring fitted!

    referring to how one slows down with a fixed wheel.
  5. Andy K
    Andy K
    Many years ago I had a go of my father's fixie. I can still hear his laughter as I tried to stop for the first time and just bounced up out of the saddle!
  6. Andy K
    Andy K
    I went and picked up my new bike this afternoon, the Pashley-Moulton TSR27, from Paul Villiers (of Villiers Velo). Haven't had time for a ride yet. First impressions: Extremely well built, lovely powder coated paintwork, a lot lighter than I expected.

    Paul Villiers is a terrific bloke who really knows his stuff. Had a look round his workshop and at some of his bikes including his new Randonneur frame based on the old Hetchins design, it is a work of art!. The man really is a craftsman!
  7. haris
    Good luck Andy, it looks you will have great bike.
  8. bdial
    Very cool Andy. I'm anxious to hear how you like it.
  9. Andy K
    Andy K
    My first ride on the TSR27:


    It is a strange feeling riding this bike, it looks small, but the geometry is the same as a conventional cycle, so it rides big, if that makes sense!

    The ride is very smooth (as you can see from the lack of camera shake in the video), the suspension is surprisingly effective. I may adjust the front damping a little, but only because when I really pushed I was aware of it 'bobbing' a little.

    The bike accelerates like you wouldn't believe! The gear shifts are precise and quick, the internal hub gear is superb. One benefit I found early on is you can ride with the hub gear in mid range, and if you have to stop quickly, you can switch the hub gear into the lower range while stopped and you are straight away in a really easy gear to pull away in.
    At first I was a bit twitchy on the steering, but that is because I'm not used to small wheels.

    The build quality of the bike can only be described as excellent. Reynolds 525 tubing throughout with perfect brazing. The frame is powder coated in a pleasant battleship grey.

    In all this bike is a whole heap of fun to ride!
  10. Andy K
    Andy K
    I have added a set of photos to flickr here:


    and here's another video where the quality of the TSR's suspension is evident in the minimal camera shake as I ride across a grassy area:

  11. arigram
    Very nice Andy, enjoy it in good health and may you make thousands of kilometers together!
    Be sure to post a pic with you on it.
    It seems that you Brits have a fascination with small wheel cycles:
    21 Small Wheel Bicycles - The Zippy Revolution
  12. Andy K
    Andy K
    Thank you Aristotelis. Great website! I hadn't realised how many small wheeled designs originate in Britain!
  13. StefanJozef
    Hi everyone. Just discovered this site and since I'm a commited cyclist......I have a Viner fixed, a Raleigh fixed and building up a couple of other Raleigh fixes, as well as three geared road bikes and an off road bike I thought I would say hello.
  14. bdial
    Welcome Stefan, I thought I was commited, but I only have two bikes.
  15. Iwagoshi
    Stefan, welcome, and since you're a fixie'r (whatever) I wanted to say that the COG magazine has me intrigued, thanks Ari. Question: is there an advantage to riding a fixie with toe clips in lieu of clipless, ala SPDs, et al?

    The local shop has a few and asked if I wanted a test ride, at that moment it was no but it may not be in the near future.
  16. StefanJozef
    Thanks for the welcome. I don't see any advantage in using clipless pedals. I did use them on fixies in the 80's but now use SPD's or if doing time trials Look pedals. My feet have never come out SPD's or Look even going downhill. I would try them and use what feels better.
  17. Iwagoshi
    Stefan, thanks for the reply. Clipless is all that I have used, from Look to Time and now SPD. All the photos of fixies that I've seen has them with clipped pedals so I thought that was the way to go. Anyway, you addressed my main concern, coming out of your pedals on a steep down hill with no way of slowing down.

    Actually I've been in more accidents where I could not click-out of my pedals in time, like at a stop light.
  18. mtnbkr
    Hmm. I go away from Apug for a while and come back to find a cycling group (and other groups as well). Cycling is another great love of mine. I ride both road and mountain. Offroad, I ride a Surly 1x1, fully rigid SS. It's equipped with 26" wheels currently, but I'm collecting parts to build a set of 650b wheels. My road bikes consist of a Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike and a Scattante SSR fixed gear. This year, I've done a century on both road bikes and have clocked nearly 2000 miles on and offroad.
  19. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    Hey fellow cyclists, I just wanted to say I just added a classified ad on APUG for a sweet Raleigh Prestige racing bike (NEW build) in the Misc category, in case anyone's interested. I am a mountain and touring biker. Not a racing biker. I built this bike for fun, something to do. Now I want to sell or trade it for a nice kit. If you're interested go check out the ad. The URL is: http://www.apug.org/classifieds/show...&cat=10&page=1

    Happy trails!!!
  20. df cardwell
    df cardwell
    Greetings, bikies. As it has been observed, go away for a little while, come back and cyclists are all over the place. GOOD !

    I've been riding for about forever, and using the bike for most normal getting around. Last winter's get around bike, a Surly LTC was stolen... by my wife ! I'll be building something up from the stash of stuff in the garage: probably that old mountain frame with nexus hub gear.

    The pride of my bikeshop are an old Masi (running fat TUFO cyclo tubies for winter), and a Jack Taylor tandem. Friends have talked me into getting a new MTB, to go chasing trees with them this winter. I'm down for the bike...but the backwoods hijinx is a little sketchy at the moment.

    AS FOR dear old Sheldon, I met him long, long ago. He was a fine man, and thanks to his openhearted belief in sharing what he knew, his legacy will last for a long time.
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