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  1. dancluff
    Hello everyone. I do not know how active this little group is but I am new to APUG (and clearly also this group). I ride to work mostly and sometimes hauling the kids around. I have an old Kona Fire Mountain MTB that has seen a few winters and better days (I am in Canada where salt is fact of life). I only cycle 5 km (~3 miles) to work so most days I feel it is a little too short but on gusty days when the wind is quite strong I am quite happy with 5 km. I also have another MTB but it does not get much use unfortunately. I would love to do some cycle camping and may try to get out with the family at some point.
  2. Andy K
    Andy K
    Hi and welcome to APUG!

    There is probably more cycle related activity on the 'Bicycles' thread which can be found in The Lounge forum, here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum47/52443-bicycles.html
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