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Do you guys bike with your camera gear?

  1. AutumnJazz
    I would like to, but I'm afraid I will screw-up my gear.
  2. accozzaglia
    I do. I use a Crumpler bag. There's always the chance that putting it in a bag will screw things up, but so will dropping it. Take precautions or, if it's the finish and aesthetic appearance of your camera you're worried about, buy a bag specifically engineered for cameras. Crumpler makes those, too. I just use a messenger bag because of its versatility for other tasks, like grocery-getting.
  3. Andy K
    Andy K
    All the time. My bike has full suspension, and any panniers, racks are mounted on the suspended part of the frame. I have not yet had a camera damaged through taking it with me on a bike.
  4. Rob Archer
    Rob Archer
    Most of my 'travel' photography is done by bike. I usually carry a couple of Ricoh GR1s's and a few filters, or my OM2n with a 35mm lens. They go in a bar bag. I've just bought a carbon tripod, which goes very nicely on my pannier rack. I have taken a full MF (Bronica ETRSi) set-up in my trailer but it's a bit of a pain so I reserve it for local trips. The key is to make sure it's wrapped weatherproof and insulated from road vibration (unless you have full-suspension).

    Cycling and photography are good companions!

  5. df cardwell
    df cardwell

  6. VaryaV
    Only when I ride for the sake of shooting do I carry my gear with the bike. When I thrash trails on the MTB it's way too nasty to be safe with my camera & lenses in tow. So, I ride a mellow terrain when I pack my gear into the swamps or fields.
  7. landscapepics
    Yes I do. My current method of carrying gear is that I have taken the foam inserts out of a hard camera case and put them into a Carradice saddlebag. I've also toured with an SLR and a spare lens in a rear pannier - the other stuff in there such as clothing provides padding. I'm likely to carry less camera gear when cycling and rarely carry a tripod by bike.
  8. upnorthcyclist

    I often carry a film rangefinder with me - not too hard to carry anywhere. Occasionally I'll ride specifically to shoot. I have one of those click-in Topeak rear rack bags that I have modified with some foam to protect either a 35mm or DSLR. The bag is quite secure on the bike and the camera seems (famous last words) to be well-protected in case of a spill.

  9. oiaaron
    I pedal for transportation and for sport and I use different bikes/clothing for each. Only with the former have I carried my camera and since I don't own much photo gear I can easily wrap my om4 and two other lenses in some extra clothing and toss them in my messenger bag (purse).
    Unfortunately it's when I'm out on a training ride that I see my best photo opportunities. I don't carry a bag when I train.
  10. oldguy387
    I always have a camera on me. That means even when I ride. If I am going on roads I carry a small camera under my saddle. If I am going side roads or off I carry in a bag on the rack of my MTB. On a bike I can get into places you can't get to in a motor vehicle.
  11. Artisan Stomoxys
    Artisan Stomoxys
    Yes I do, since most of my pictures are made during my bike rides. But I usually shoot digital then (using a small GF1 made by Pana). My analog shots are made with an GX680 by Fuji and this is hard to carry on a bike. But I saw a video of a German fotografer carrying a 4x5 rail camera by bike through the streets of Berlin. He clamped his tripod to the bike and stored his camera in a sidebag. Looked nice but I'm wondering what the delicate parts of a shutter would have to say about the rugged treatment.

    Greetings, Ed
  12. phirehouse
    YES!! I love to ride with my camera. I think this group is great! I have a couple of cameras that are dedicated for this purpose. Not that they are expendable...but, they are cheap and duplicates in my working collection. The Rebel 2000 serves me well in this capacity, as do my various point and shoots. When I am feeling brave, i'll take one of my N80's, (the one with the sticky rubber covering). It can get pretty hot here in Florida, so I take a small cooler for my film, since I am usaully out most of the day. I recently picked-up a holga off the classifieds so i can shoot some medium format while out peddling around the beaches.
  13. D1v1d
    I've a Brompton and an S-Bag dedicated to photo shoots. Works a treat for 35mm bodies and even for my granddaddy TLR!
  14. Cycler
    Of course. I'm about to get busy with the sewing needle & thread. Fitting an old Camera Care Systems Compact Pouch, Better Belt, Jessop Large compact pouch & LowePro bumbag together for general carriage. For specific photo trips I have a SLR + Zoom bag to sling over my shoulder and CCS padded lens pouches to pop in my saddlebag for such oddments as my Hammerhead flash, or 19-35 lens.
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