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What a Quiet Group. and . . .

  1. Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    What a quiet group. Two Hundred and Five (205) members and very few postings or discussions. That is a bit of a surprise to me.

    One of the things I looked for over a long time period was a Nikor 4 by 5 Sheet Film Developing Tank. Finally I did get one, but it took more than one attempt, and it was notably expensive when I did get it. Last week one of the guys at a local camera store asked me if I was still doing 4 by 5 stuff, and I admitted that I am. He offered me a Nikor 4 by 5 Sheet Film Developing Tank. All of that time looking, and now one just walks into my life.

    Under the heading of darkroom stuff, just this morning I received notification that some Durst enlarger accessories I had requested will be shipped, and I also located a small Yankee film developing tank with a reel that adjusts down to 16mm that should be on the way soon also. For a long time I have tried to find a Nikor 16mm Stainless Steel Film Developing Reel, but they do not appear very often. There are some Minolta 16 II and Kiev 30 and Kiev 303 cameras that would like to be taken out and exercised this spring. Well, what is left of our spring, at least. Or, perhaps spring is all that we will get this year. We might go right into fall next.

    Yes, we have been having the longest "early spring weather" streak I can remember for the last three months out here in Latte Land.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  2. sdotkling
    Yes, it is a sad group. Maybe people want to spend more time printing than talking about printing?
  3. Billy Walker
    Billy Walker
    Bought my first LF today... a Calumet CC-401 from KEH. Haven't done anything in a darkroom in a number of years and I'm looking forward to it. Still need a lens board and a lens for the 401 but we'll get there.

    Billy Walker
  4. Ipanorame
    I think the darkroom is a rare thing these days. I dismantled mine after a few years of disuse and regret it all the time. I set up in a corner with some dark curtains, but it isn't the same. Sad too, since it's so relaxing it can't be explained. It has to be experienced.
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all;

    A surprising advertisement appeared locally for some darkroom equipment. A fellow is moving and feels that he must sell his equipment. This is a sad affair, and I almost feel that my participation in it will be a form of contributing to his loss by actually making the departure of his equipment more easily possible. I do know what I felt like when my own darkroom equipment disappeared in probably one of my former wife's yard sales. An attempt at an initial contact has been made, but there has been no response yet. Who knows, I could be told that everything has already been sold.

    The main justification for my contacting him is the larger format capability of his equipment. Now that I have a 6 x 7 camera system, something to accept that size negatives would be nice.

    There is a funny mixture of emotions associated with this particular contemplated purchase.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  6. Polovy
    And on a happier note - I have just started completing a darkroom. Limited budget makes it difficult but a bit by bit I expand my equipment. Of course the enlarger is the biggest problem. Mine I got for £30, and old Durst F30 and it gets a bit small for my needs now. On the other side the bathroom does not get any bigger either... I'm still limited too 8x10 prints (bigger trays don't fit the bath). But I'll overcome this!!
  7. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    To save space build a shelf for the top of the bath, then make a tray ladder, dev, stop and the fix. Place the prints to be washed in the bath.
  8. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    This is not the report I was hoping to present: The local fellow who had the darkroom equipment with a nice enlarger that would have fit very well here, did not answer any of the messages sent to him regarding his equipment. Oh, well.


    Latte Land, Washington
  9. Bertil
    Sorry Ralph, better luck next time!
  10. desertratt
    I think the members are guarding their hoard of goodies from the Forces of Evil who will deny them to us. But the nut doctors will tell you that hoarding is different from collecting unless you are collecting seemingly useless items. I have none of those, unless you county that bulky overhead projector and that extra enlaarger when I only have room for one in my darkroom. I intend to use it as a copy stand -- so, there. Don't ask me where I am goinng to put it.
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