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Community darkroom or private darkroom. Your choice?

  1. Ipanorame
    Would you rather have a darkroom all to yourself, or share a community one and be social?
  2. Bertil
    I prefer a darkroom for my self, and be social somewhere els!
  3. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    I do prefer the private darkroom, allows you to spread out stuff here and hide junk there. Your music, your wine and no time limits. A walk up the yard to the house, clean up tomorrow if you wish.
  4. chgofrank
    I have done both over a period of time. I started out in a community dark room and enjoyed interfacing with people who gave me pointers and critiques. Then I set up my own darkroom that was not subject to hours. Later, I got access to a color lab which was very advantageous. All of the equipment was maintained with fresh chemistry. That situation died and now I am doing mostly B&W my home darkroom that I have maintained for 25 years. It is good from the standpoint that I know my own equipment and it is set up for me. I would never do color but now that is more easily done with inkjet. I miss the social element and must seek it separately by showing prints online or to local photographers.
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    For most of my weird things, I need my own equipment. Many of my things are not found in a rental or community darkroom. However, I do admit that when it comes to large format, then I do rent darkroom time since I do not yet have an enlarger for LF.

    I had not considered the possible social aspect. It has not happened yet, except for the initial instruction and check-out period with the darkroom operator's staff.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  6. naomi
    Hello all, this is my first post!

    Its an exciting time at the moment as I have just set up a community Darkroom, to encourage work with the physical space but also provide a location where photographers can share work and ideas. We will be organising talks and discussion groups to explore work, techniques, anything related really.

    Personally i prefer to work on my own within the darkroom, i find the space and time very calming, i have found though that the community aspect helps to keep the work flowing, the ability to discuss ideas and get feedback is quite valuable.

    It would be great If anyone has advice or ideas regarding community Darkrooms they have worked in.

    With thanks

  7. shutterclank
    ive been in both situations, and prefer the personal one. i have had it that i used a community darkroom, but was the only guy in there on the majority of occasions.
  8. Silver Halide / Zone
    Silver Halide / Zone
    Hi All

    I've done both, and personally I prefer working in my own environment which I've created to suite my needs. I recently had the chance to get a Durst L1200 4x4 enlarger which is really nice to work with. Presently I have a Durst M700, that I'd like to find a good home for. Its a nice enlarger as well, can work with negs up to 6x9.
    So anyone out there how's not set up with their own enlarger, now is the time so speak up.

    Have a nice day

  9. FatBear
    What about this: http://thephotopalace.blogspot.com/ ?
    I have met the guy behind this. In fact, I printed all day on the last day that his rental darkroom was open. Read past the Rainbow Gathering stuff and you'll find that he has created a rolling darkroom/photography classroom. He and his friend have hit the road with it, trying to spread the word about film photography and printing. At the moment they seem willing to go wherever they are invited, but I suspect that in time they will realize the need to coordinate and schedule because it takes time and fuel to move a 42K pound bus around.
  10. davido
    I belong to a photography co-op which has a group darkroom. I've made some good friends in that darkroom and it's been invaluable in getting feedback and learning about all sorts of stuff. It's also great to hang out and print with others as a community (sorta like APUG). However, the darkroom I use is rarely busy and often I find myself alone, which is also nice. You would also get more work done, most likely, in a private darkroom.
  11. davido
    I realized I should have mentioned the name of the co-op for anyone who might be looking for darkroom space in the Toronto area. It's Gallery44, conveniently located in downtown Toronto.
  12. Toffle
    This sounds like a great space.
    I have always had my own private darkroom, and with the rare exception of when I was sharing with my daughter or giving a tour, I have always worked alone. Working alone has definite advantages of time and space, but loses that community aspect where you share and challenge and learn with others.
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