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high school darkroom set up

  1. terrylynn
    I will be setting up a darkroom in a high school this fall!!! the principal loves black and white analog photography! My question is: Enlargers....what is available that is decent? I previously used a Beseler 67, but don't see it on B & H's website. The 23C is too expensive since we need at least 4. Any recommendations?
    Terry/ Bronx,NY
  2. NDKodak
    What did you end up buying? I would have said try to get free ones from folks trying to get rid of them. Lots of times on Ebay they are minimally priced as long as you are able to pick -up in person, so they don't have to be troubled with trying to crate it up for shipping.
  3. desertratt
    Don't know if you are wstill looking but I like the Omega B-22. It takes 35mm and 120 negs and I found one on the Internet for $80 with lots of extras. There is one "old fashioned" camera store within 100 miles of me that still has some darkroom stuff. I bought five very fine, brand new enlarging lenses. The first ones I bought from the bargain bin cost $5 each. The next time, $15 each. They are probably worth $100 or $200 each. You have to nose around to get deals. Good luck.
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