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Gonna have another darkroom (if I ever get it done.)

  1. FatBear
    I live on a floating home. I haven't had a darkroom since I sold my previous floating home back in 1993 and I have sorely missed it. I like the serenity of going in there and just focusing on my printing.

    Our house moves and creaks with boat wakes and wind changes. Recently it has started creaking a lot more. A couple of weeks ago I decided to change the crappy old sink downstairs next to the washer/dryer for a new deep sink. As I was looking around at the plumbing, I noticed some very major structural problems which could allow the whole house to fall down at any time. I frantically embarked on a project to fix everything that was wrong. In the process of putting up some shear walls I incidentally created a pretty good sized laundry room. So I am going to make it into a darkroom, too! It will be smaller than my previous 9x14 foot one, but I've already got some great ideas just from looking at the photos when I joined this group.

    I am almost to the point where I will be re-wiring the space, so I'd like to hear from anyone with suggestions about wiring that I should consider...

    Thanks, --Brian
  2. davido
    wow! a floating darkroom! Does that mean you'll have built-in agitation for your trays?
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