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Using 30 year old paper as printing-out-paper

  1. aldobranti
    I just unearthed remnants of a pad of IlfoSpeed 2.1m and ditto Multigrade 1m and fancied trying them out as POP -- these are both from the mid 70's

    I tried a range of exposure times 5-40 mins over a black light and fixed in sodium thiosulphate/sodium carbonate. I do get a positive image but very pale , pinky even.

    I tried Selenium toning to see if I could make them a bit blacker and we're nearer cafe au lait.

    Before I invest any more time has anybody been down this route ?

  2. aldobranti
    So i find that this whole route goes by the name of Lumen prints. I really want more blacks out of the image
  3. Toffle
    I don't have experience with this, but I do have almost a whole box of 8 1/2x11" Ilfospeed. (I think... I'll dig through my materials later to confirm) If you don't hear anything here, post in the regular forums and see what people have to say)
    Regardless, if you do learn anything, post it here.
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