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Trying to close my darkroom

  1. rgs
    I have decided to close my darkroom and sell the equipment, but I don't have a very good idea of it's value. I am including a list of the equipment. Assuming an interested buyer can be found, what price would readers of this forum put on this list. Thanks for your help.

    • 4x5 enlarger with Zone VI Cold Light Head
    • 150mm Schneider Componon enlarging lens
    • 105mm Schneider Componon enlarging lens
    • Kodak 75mm enlarging lens
    • 4x5, 6x7 & 35mm negative carriers
    • Graflex 4x5 cold light head for converting a view camera into an enlarger
    • Kodak and Ilford multicontrast filter sets
    • Custom made 8x10 archival print washer
    • Heated water bath tray
    • Gralab process timer
    • Omega enlarging timer
    • Ilford darkroom meter
    • Unicolor motorbase
    • Unicolor 8x10 print tube
    • 11x14 print tube
    • JOBO 16x20 Print tube
    • Unicolor 35mm (2) & 120 (5) film reels with large and single processing tubes
    • JOBO 4x5 sheet film processing reel (2) with loader and processing tube
    • Balance set with complete weight set
    • Bogan 11x14 2 blade adjustable easel
    • Unicolor 8x10 multi print easel
    • Custom made 16x20 borderless easel
    • Custom made 8x10 paper safe
    • 8x10 contact print frame
    • 4x5 contact print frame
    • Several sets of processing trays from 11x14 to 4x5
    • 3 sheet film dip and dunk 4x5 developing tanks
    • Several additional stainless steel film developing reel s and tanks
    • Miscellaneous lab glassware, thermometers, and other lab equipment
  2. Mark_S
    Where is the stuff located? On many of these items, shipping would trump the value of the item, so finding a local home would be best....
  3. rjs003
    I'm in the process of buying a large darkroom for $400, this consist of 3 enlarged one of them being an 8x10
    I Have to move all the equipment myself.
  4. markeaust

    I'm setting up a home darkroom at the moment and looking for some gear.

    Can you let us know where it is located and whether you have arrived at a price, yet.

    I'm about to pick up a huge load of stuff, for $300, including 4x5 enlarger +++

    If that helps at all...

    I'm in Melbourne, but will be heading through sydney and Canberra in early June, if you're anywhere near there....?


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