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Preferred 120/220 B&W film and developer Combo?

  1. RDWestPR
    I have a Fuji GSW690III I intend to put back into service shooting black and white film. It's been years since I processed my own film, but I have the SS tanks to do it. What is your CURRENT favorite film and developer combination? I have a special issue in that I can only get dry chemicals versus liquids due to shipping issues where I am. There are no local services or sources on the island. At some point, I intend to set up to do contact Carbon prints. Thanks, Bob
  2. Pasto
    My long time favourite combination for 120 is TMY-2 in Xtol 1+1, 9:30 seconds, constant agitation in a JOBO, ei 320. For large format I use HP5+ primarily because TMY-2 is very expensive (particularly in 8x10).
  3. Mark_S
    I use HP5+ almost exclusively in MF and 4x5. I usually develop in HC-110 or Ilfotec HC (which both come as syrup concentrates), but I have also gotten good results from D-76 which comes as a powder.
  4. Nanzetta
    Acros 120 Asa 100 Developed in 1:200 rodinal @ 13 mins = normal / 11 mins = normal - / 15 mims = normal +
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