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Tetenal E-6

  1. GRHazelton
    Hello All -

    I'm getting back into film via 35mm and my Pentax 645n. In a fit of madness I bought a used Kindermann 6x6 projector, a dozen or so trays, and some 6x4.5 mounts. Now I'm finding that processing for 120 chromes is expensive when you can find it, and I have yet to spot anyone who mounts 120 slides. So, harking back to my earlier film experiences, I'm looking to processing my own, since I did so starting when the reversal step involved a photoflood lamp.

    This was with the Kodak kits with six or so steps. Slides I processed in the mid '70's are still good. Is there any sort of track record for the newer processes, since Kodak has left the scene? Here in the states Freestyle has their own kit which uses fewer steps and can be used at various temperatures. B & H lists Kodak chemicals, but in large quantities intended for commercial use. B & H lists a Tentenal C-41 kit intended for travel or press use.

    As I recall Kodak specified one temperature (which I can't recall) and wanted plus or minus 1/2 degree C control. Not a lot of fun. The Freestyle kit has times for various temperatures. Anyone have any experience with this kit? I've yet to find a vendor selling Tetenal here in the states, does anyone know of one? Is Unicolor still in the game for E-6?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. GRHazelton
    I got an email from Freestyle saying that by the end of June they will be carrying Tentenal color and BW chemicals. Yay! I also emailed them asking about storage life of the undiluted concentrates of their Arista E-6 kit, since the pdf on the product says nothing about that.
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