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What Ebony camera do you own or aspire to?

  1. Thingy
    I have a 45SU with extension back and an excellent ultra bright Maxwell screen.
  2. mpirie
    I have a recently acquired SV45TE. We're not getting on as well as I thought we would ;-(

    The centre focussing track seems to tighten or loosen itself depending on the focus movement used. I was expecting the small knob to drag on the mechanism rather than tighten on itself. I think there may be too much side to side movement on the focus shaft, which allows the knob to tighten on itself.

    Anyone else seen this behaviour?

  3. tim_bessell
    I have an SV45Ti, which is identical. What I have learned to do is turn the lock (small) knob out all the way and slightly tighten it to prevent the "knob to tighten on itself".
  4. mpirie
    Hi Tim, I mentioned my dilemma on another LF bulletin board and the consensus was that the locking screw gets unlocked all the way and that the focusing rails get their screws tightened to increase drag on the bed as it moved forwards and backwards. I did this and it seems to work. The problem is that with a natural product like wood, is that there may come a time when humidity causes the wood to swell and put too much drag on the bed so the screws need loosened again.

  5. rickruss7
    I have a SV45U2; previously I owned a SV45TE. I very much enjoy using the assymetrical back, the value of which which greatly offsets the additional weight. I am having some problems with the universal bellows which come with the camera, and am in the process of hopefully working with Ebony to address this issue. I also have a Maxwell screen on the camera.
  6. raulpc
    Hello all
    I have the 45S. Totaly happy with it. Been doing a lot of work with it, always a pleasure...
  7. mitch brown
    mitch brown
    hi all just found this group . i have a 45svU2 and love it also i have a maxwell screen in it.
  8. Thingy
    Hi Wager123

    That was the camera I originally intended to go for, but Robert White recommended the $%SU as more suitable for use with the ultra-wide angles. You have a lovely camera.

    Have you tried any macro photography with your Maxwell?

  9. TareqPhoto
    Hi all,

    I joined this group but i don't have Ebony camera, i am planning to get one in the future no doubt i hope, always eyeing on one or 2 models i would like to choose but the budget is a bit low, when the right time will come i will get one and use it, i got Shen Hao to start with, once i can afford that Ebony then i hope i can sell my Shen Hao or use it as a backup.

    Also i joined when i read about the Maxwell screen here, from where i can get this screen? And can i find one for my Shen Hao model camera?


  10. Loupe-It
    I am the proud owner of an SV45TE and I love it!
    I am experiencing the same issue regarding the focusing track, but I have learned to work around it.
  11. Doug Darling
    Doug Darling
    I just got the 45S. So far I'm very happy with it compared to my Zone VI.
  12. Loupe-It
    I am seeking an ebony 617S. They seem to be quite scare in used condition.
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