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Elevator October Workshop

  1. Bob Carnie
    This group is to inform those interested , all the details regarding this yearly event.
    Elevator has decided to drop all mini workshops and concentrate on one yearly event.
    We feel we can bring together each year an expanding talented group of photographer/educators who will share their photographic experiences,and skill sets in a very professional setting whether it be up North or in Toronto.
    This year we will work on Landscape, in a very beautiful region of Canada, We hope to attract all levels of photographers to spend a few days working with some of the best talents available.
    This will be a soup to nuts type of workshop that will include, lots of time with instructors exposing images, dedicated lectures and notes by three very talented photographers, Sandy King, Bill Schwab and Joe Cornish, and the editing and printing of the Elevator team lead by Bob Carnie and Les Mclean.
    The event will finish with a live auction of framed prints at the Hazelton Hotel , featuring Ritchies Fine Art auctioneers donating their experience .
    The net proceeds of this Auction will be donated to Snap which is a group that raises funds for the Toronto Aids Committee.

    We feel by working from beginning *expose* to end *show auction* each participant will get a complete understanding of the work involved putting a show together.

    Over the next couple of weeks I will start threads here that will be the basis of what to bring, what is being covered, where to stay, is there bears there, and so on and so on.

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