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Who is this workshop targeted , and why get involved.

  1. Bob Carnie
    Elevator is a full service processing to Gallery operation, our mandate is to produce work at a world class level , from pocessing, proofing, editing, digital workflow and analogue workflow. We are primaraly interested in photographic art prints to show in gallerys , home office and museums.

    Therefore we have decided to aim our workshops at photographers of all levels , using digital and analogue cameras as input devices, and structuring our workshops with a full cycle approach from exposure to gallery print.

    You have to start somewhere ,and we do cater to very beginning photographers to the experienced working professional and art photographers.

    As photographers and Gallery representatives we are looking for talent, which is probably 5% gift, and 95% hard work and passion for photography.

    Elevator has picked its instructors carefully as we want people to feel comfortable asking questions in an enviourment of positive critique rather than that of negativity.
    All levels of photographers are welcome, but we hope that basic skills are already achieved and now with our lineup of current and future instructors , you can move forward in this exciting but very complicated world of exposure and printmaking with the goal of producing work that hangs well on any wall.
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