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What can I expect in physical stamina to be at this Workshop.

  1. Bob Carnie
    We will be in the Ottawa Valley , right smack in the middle of Ottawa and Algonquin Park, We are 45min drive due North of Bon Echo Park in Renfrew County.
    It will be cold at night and jacket weather during the day, the terrain where we will be photographing , path to bush, some locations will be harder to manage than others. There will be long walks ,10min to 20 min to get to some locations and there are hills and valleys to conqure.
    I suggest a very good set of waterproof hiking boots, If you want to walk into the swampy areas bring along hip waders. Along side of your gear I would suggest a very handy tripod.
    We will make sure that we get you as close as physically possible to some locations but I am sure after each day you will sleep well. Only to be waken early for the morning shoots.
    more on this as questions are asked but for sure layer clothing is important and rain gear as this is a rain or shine workshop.
    If you have a fear of heights there are a couple of locations that fall into this catagory so make us aware.
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