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Workshop and Accomodation Donation.

  1. Bob Carnie
    We have been lucky enough to recieve a donation of one full workshop /accomodation from a private individual who does not want to be recognized.
    What is offered is full entry fee and one room accomodation at one of our two locations for guests to stay.
    What is not offered is food, refreshments, extra lab fee and travel to and from the location.

    Now and during the month of September we would like to see proposals from those that would like to take advantage of this kind offer.

    What we would like is a written description on how one would benifit from time spent on this workshop and how it would be useful for ongoing projects one is working on. A few supporting jpegs of work in progress with the proposal can be sent to .


    Last week of September we will announce the lucky recipient of this donation.
    Please keep the jpegs very small as an attachment so not to clog up our email line.
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