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Hazelton Hotels - One - Ritchies Auction House - Snap - Toronto Aids Committe

  1. Bob Carnie
    So on Wed Oct 29th the night before we send all the Brits and Yanks out of Canada, we have decided to raise the bar, have a party, sell some prints and frames, and donate all the net proceeds to one of Canada's most deserving charitable groups Snap.

    Elevator had the pleasure of working with Snap early this year by sponsoring the print competition and doanating an image by Kevin Viner (my business partner).
    From what I am told from their live auction and competition auction Snap raise well over 100 thousand dollars that was donated to the Toronto Aids Committie.

    We are hoping our Workshop attendees and instructors can help raise some seed money for Snap with our combined work. Elevator is onboard with Snap for 2009 and any funds we can raise this year is greatly appreciated and well used.

    The Hazelton Hotel has opened its arms and is giving us space within their 5 star hotel to put up a show for this evening, as well Ritches auction house will help us with professionally auctioneering the work.
    Snap staff will be on hand to help us with the management of this one evening event , and I believe we will attract a very good crowd to bid and buy the students work.

    Not only will the proceeds go to a very good cause, this evening will give our students and instructors a chance to see how such an event works and possibly put the talents of the students before a photographic buying crowd.

    The pressure is on to those who are attending , not only will you work on this project , you will get to see first hand , how your work is recieved.
    We will be rotating a digital projector of all the work so interest should be high, and maybe Snap will chose a few of us for their main event in Feb, which would put your work up with some of the very best talents in Canada and abroad.

    After years of printing shows I can tell you the rush involved is addictive and overwhelming , when you see your work up on a wall and hundreds of people are viewing it beside others work. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you can stand by others and feel proud that maybe all these hours, days, years of work were worth the effort.
    In my case , I have always attended a show that I have worked on * within reason of day to day* as it is a badge of honour to stand by your work and let all oncommers give their opinion good, bad or indifferent.
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