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Les Mclean, so who is he and what is his role

  1. Bob Carnie
    Well Les is a good mate of mine and Iron Maiden's.

    He is taking on an equal management role with me on this workshop.
    Les is a master printer and an amazing photographer to boot .He will be our go to guy, keeping all the students in line, organized and on time.
    As well each day he will be taking small groups to a designated area and will be giving a talk and demonstration's on his unique idea of Vision towards making the photographic print.
    On top of keeping us in line and on time, he will be a resource to the instructors and will be editing all the work down submitted by the students to a managable number of images for editing and print critique purposes for the daily evening critique sessions with Joe , Sandy and Bill.
    I know Les can have a tough demeanor on the first time meeting him , but I can assure you he has a heart of gold and is totally committed to this project and helping those who are willing to listen and learn photography.

    Hopefully this thread will help you get to know him better as we approach October and ask him a few questions or two.
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