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What are the accomodations/local ammenitties like

  1. Bob Carnie
    First location www.thewhitepines ask for Valerie or Sean, is almost full. But we have secured www.jockosbeach.com in Calabogie, ask for Lenore.
    Make sure you mention the October Photography Workshop for the correct rates to be applied.
    Both locations have efficiency kitchens, full bathroom facilities , and are run by first rate couples.
    Jockos does have internet connections*dial up* but this year the white pines does not.*** you will be to busy to worry about your internet**

    We have picked shooting locations near both locations and instructors and staff will be housed at both. We will be dropping off and picking up at specific times at both locations .

    Calabogie Ontario is where Jockos is located and the White Pines is 15min drive.
    Grocery Store, LLCBO, Home Hardware and a few nice restaurants are nearby. A few greasy spoons for quick bites are also in Calabogie.

    There are no local , film supply , battery, disk shops nearby that I am aware of so please come prepared.

    Wed is the day all students will be arriving in the Renfrew County locations so I would say there is lots of time to stock up on any necessary food items that day as the workshop will be kept on scheduale and there may or maynot be time to do any shopping for goods, once the course starts.

    For those staying on past the workshop , waiting for the Wed night celebration in Toronto, you can rent canoes, boats or plane ride *pontoon* to explore the immediate area and work on further imaging or just plain out go fishing.* lots of bass, pike and pickeral just minutes away from the White Pines where you can rent all of the above.

    this thread is to help start the questions of what to bring , where to go for supplys, and what other cool stuff is there to do up in Renfrew County.
    So ask away and we will fill in all the blanks.
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