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Is this a family friendly event??????

  1. Bob Carnie

    In fact I know of one student already bring up the kids and better half.

    The White Pines and Jocko's are family driven locations and at both locations there are lots of spots for the kids to play, go on hikes, and do whatever kids do.

    We have structured this course to give each student a couple of hours free time before and after each element of the workshop, and of course the big firepit slideshow and hot dog and marsh mellow roast should be more than enough to keep all the young ones happy.

    Spouses are more than welcome, to relax and get in reading, hiking or fishing while you explore the inner depths of your photographic mind. They are also welcome to the critiques in the evening as long and they keep their lips tightly zipped.

    Both locations are first rate , to decompress from ones daily pressure of making a living and Elevator Workshops does want to make this a yearly family Event.
    As I said in the accomodations thread , both locations have, canoes, small boats*require a Ontario boating licence*and paddleboats with all the lifejackets for everyone, kids can fish off the docks at both locations and worms are there for purchase.
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