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What are the Key Dates of this Event??

  1. Bob Carnie
    Glad you asked, boy it makes me happy to see all these questions. Well here is the whole magilla, for all the pertinent dates.

    Oct 19-20 - Photographic Exhibition at the new Dylan Ellis Gallery of Joe Cornish's work. see www.joecornish.com for details on the artist.
    Location - 42 Industrial St , Toronto Ontario.
    Time - 10 am - 5pm Sat and Sunday
    gallery hall is open Mon to Fri - 9am- 6pm
    Thurs Evening - till 9pm
    this show will be up until mid March to be followed funny enough by works by Bill Schwab who is another one of our Key instructors.

    Wed Oct 22 - All students arrive in Renfrew County to get registered, and settled in accomodations.

    Thurs Oct 23- Sun Oct 26 - Workshop

    Mon Oct 27 - every one leaves for home , those wishing to stay on with some of the instructors can.

    Wed Oct 29- Hazelton Hotel - Toronto Ontario 6pm
    this will be the gala evening where Ritchies Auction House and Snap staff will help Elevator sell the resulting images for this workshop , with all net proceeds being donated to Snap.

    sadly next day everyone goes home and reflects on what has been learned.
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