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What item should I bring

  1. Bob Carnie
    Once again thanks for asking

    - layered clothing, it can get cold at night even though we will be having a bon fire each night.
    - Warm Jacket, and suprisingly some gloves
    - good hiking boots - weather proof, the terrain demands this.
    -Rain Coat and cover for your camera gear- we will be working rain or shine
    - Boots for messing around the pond edges, and even hip waders if you plan to get a bit more agressive*** watch out for the man eating pike***
    - phone call or email to The White Pines or Jocko's to ensure what bedding / towels / ammenidies and such are at your accomodations.
    - Both locations have full effeciency kitchens so you need to get all food/drink on the Wed.
    - Film, Batterys, flash cards, whatever you are going to need to cover this course
    -Notepads and pens ** I can suggest the JBrunner exposure note pads that you can purchase on APUG**
    -Flashlight, even though the toilets are in the cabins , I can assure you walking around after dark you will need a good one.
    -bright coloured hat or outer gear so you are not mistaken for a moose.

    I will add to this list as it comes to my mind or if anyone has suggestions send them to me at bob@elevatordigital and I will add to this.
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